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We breakdown your dogs training into 3 parts

Is vital to your dog’s development. Proper introduction to Dogs and people and teaching them how to learn. It’s like preschool for your doggie. We focus on setting appropriate outlets for your dogs, as well as establishing windows for proper expression. Proper Socialization is a major part of this program since MOST FUTURE REACTIVITY IS DUE TO IMPROPER SOCILIZATION. Basic issues such as nipping, jumping, and leash pulling will be addressed. This program aims to teach your dog the ability to learn. That way in the future, anything that you want to work on, we are setting them up for success. 


This covers everything for Puppy/Adult Development. As well as proper introduction to Sit/Down/Place/Leave it. This part of the program is designed for owners who orient their life with/around their dog.


This focuses on building emotional stability to multiple stimuli. In addition, setting windows of opportunity as cues, that way regardless of what is happening your dog will trust in you and other people and have the confidence to take on everyday life.

Many dogs suffer from anxiety. By coming to us for all day training this will help curb this anxiety. We will teach your dog how to function without their owners.

We are treat, toy, positive reinforcement, clicker and repetitive trainers.

You bring your dog from 7-9am and pick up your dog from 3-5:30pm, just like full day kindergarten. Programs are 20 or 30 days during the consultation will determine the program that best suits your dog.

Your dog will be in active playgroup training and receive private training sessions every day. They are training from the minute they walk in the door until you pick them up. Your dog will come home better behaved and tired each day.

At our school we will teach your dog how to meet dogs and people appropriately and READ THERE SIGNS.

Required every program are FIVE private Parent Teacher Conferences for you and your whole family. This is where we teach you what your dog is learning. When you are done with our program both you and your dog will be trained.

And much more. You tell us your goals and we design your dog’s program to meet them


And much more. You tell us your goals and we design your dog’s program to meet them.

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Another benefit for alumni of our training program is being eligible for our Boarding Services. Since your doggie is already familiar with us, they are certain to be more comfortable, and our active daily playgroups result in a wonderful experience while they are here!


Home Boarding

For a more unique experience, consider our Home Boarding services. This is essentially a sleep over for your fur baby, giving them an even greater personalized experience that only round the clock special attention can bring. It’s like summer camp for your dog! Each day we will send you pictures of your buddy enjoying playtime with our buddies. Every day they come to school with us and are in the training daycare. With this service we will pick up and deliver your dog to you so after a long trip you can relax at home. Another perk is the free groom your dog gets!!!



Our staff has over 30 years of experience and counting. They are experts at grooming all different breeds, and their mastery with scissors is second to none!
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Day Care

Our Alumni daycare program is perfect for the parents that would like their dogs to continue to get positive exercise in a training environment. We only Daycare our training dogs. The first 35 days of Alumni daycare after training is completed are only $26.50 per day.

Give me a call at 630-724-7039 to schedule your dog’s Free evaluation